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Pyxis Insights is a one-of-a-kind platform that helps brands discover, analyze, and measure data in real-time to arrive at precise and actionable insights. Being an advanced research platform with access to a world class audience inventory, the tool helps brands make impactful data-backed decisions to build lasting customer relationships.

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Shubham Mishra

Chief Executive Officer


Vrushali Prasade

Chief Technology Officer


Hari Krishna Valiyath

Chief Business Officer

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World Class Audience Inventory

Our most powerful asset is our audience inventory who are present in multiple channels and are spread out across every geographical location. Our inventory of non-incentivized audience help provide brands with the most authentic data in real-time.

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About Pyxis

Pyxis is a rapidly growing start-up, offering a range of AI-enabled SaaS solutions for marketing and market research functions, which are employed across industries and geographies. Our end-user is the global marketing community. You could be a marketer employed with some of the world’s biggest brands or an SMB looking to scale operations, Pyxis Insights along with our sound support team will be your personal market research guide.

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